that’s it. i am blogging again. period. | long island newborn photographer | summer lyn photography

i have about a million shoots i have never shared. :-/ life is just always crazy, and over the last five years my life has gotten flipped, crushed, flipped again, turned over sideways, bashed head first into a concrete wall, and now i am here.

and what that means, is that i have gotten separated and then divorced. then engaged. then had another baby. then found a house.  then bought a house. then we took our over a year long engagement and finally married.  then moved.  all while trying to maintain and run a successful business, and raise three girls.  and raising two of them while trying to maintain a healthy coparenting relationship with an ex-husband who basically considers you to be a no one, let alone a mother, was kinda hard. :-/

so I’ve been quiet.  bc I’m an introvert and thats what i do.  go ahead a google it.  i am CLASSIC introvert. that doesn’t mean i am shy- anyone who has ever met me knows i am not shy in the least. but i am most energized when I’m alone, and i internalize everything. so being faced with so many things over the last five years has made me sort of clam up, and crawl into my shell, and kind of just figure it all out.

and now? I’m feeling good.  the new studio should be up and running in the next month or two (get ready for a kick ass studio opening party)! the stress of a move has died down.  almost everything in the house is done that NEEDED to be done- the rest is just aesthetics. luccia turned one a couple months ago, and anyone who has kids knows that once that one year mark has been hit, ya can kinda breathe again. just everything in general has been on the up, and there isn’t anything that can weigh me down and boggle my introverted mind.

and that means I’m back. to share my life with you.  thru my personal life and the images from home, to all my shoots… you will see how much i have changed evolved.  i am a different person than i was all that time ago. going thru shit will always make you a different person.

that being said, i can’t wait to share my shoots with you.  newborns, families… its all just a little different. i hope you enjoy the evolved summer lyn. i am excited to say I’m BACK back… 🙂

this sweet boy was amazing to photograph… i have been bringing the fire to my shoots lately- feeling so charged up.  my galleries are bigger than ever lately.  here is a recent “fire” shoot, lol. an insane gallery… and it should be noted i deleted about ten to fifteen images in order to not bore you all with photo after photo…



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