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ten point oh.

as in:


as in, ten years.


this year is freaking huge you guys. and i TOLD you i was back. and i PROMISED i really was. and look at me! posting away! i know, i know, i have to update my website, my logo, my everything, because you know, when you go through something as huge and damaging as a depression and come out on the other side still managing life, ya kinda end up pretty changed. so, ill definitely get around to all that.

what hasn’t changed?

my photos. my love of taking photos. the fact that my connection with every. single. client. runs so deep through every image.

whats hasn’t changed?

the fact that a session with me is so chill and ya’ll will be so calm and cool and you will freak out over your images. i promise you.

listen, last year sucked. and although i couldn’t help everything i went through, i did let a lot of people down. not just clients, but family, friends, everyone really.

but i am back. and i am BETTER. and with that means summer lyn is going to kick some serious imagery ass this year.

lots of things to come. this ten year thing.

and for the first time ever, i will be offering classes EVERY MONTH. the first saturday of every month will be an in depth class with me. this will start in may in case anyone wants a hint. and what do you think of when you think of may? spring, mothers day, new life, newborns…. hmmmm, a newborn posing class???? maybe…. more on that later.

in the mean time, i gathered up some of my favorite images over the years.

enjoy! and get ready for ten point oh.

PS- as you scroll through you might see some of my old themed shoots… the bed on the beach, the hunter rain boot shoot… does that mean that will be offered again this year???? yup. for those who’s littles were too little for a shoot like either one of these back when i offered them, they were without a doubt my biggest hits. so I’m bringing that back y’all. I’m really freaking excited. like. REALLY.




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