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when do you get out from behind the camera and get into photos with your kids?




will your kids even know what YOU looked like at every stage in their life? or, when they get older will they only have thousands of photos of themselves with their siblings and, *ahem*, their father.


it’s so sad.  the burden we put on ourselves as mothers.  we help our kids with homework, we pull out our hair at common core and google step by step how to help them with division… we cook, we clean, we pick up dirty underwear, we clean sheet after stomach virus throw-ups at 3am… we race them to bus stops to be on time for school, we youtube “cool braids” to give them something different… we bust our butts working so they can wear a “so nikki” shirt or get a new pair of converse… we freeze our butts off in the rain to watch soccer… sometimes we do all of the above while breastfeeding their newborn sibling LOL…. we do all this, and i am sure they are appreciative of it all…. but in the end what do they have?


my mother just lost her mother (my gramz that i spoke about on my facebook page)…. and she has all these memories in her head of her mother.  you know what she doesn’t have?




nothing is more upsetting than losing your parent and only being able to hold a single photograph in your hand of them.


so stop it right now.  GET OUT FROM BEHIND THE CAMERA!  #1- make sure you get into photos with your own mother and #2- GET INTO PHOTOS WITH YOUR KIDS!


and do it now.


before its too late.


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