Mini Session | Long Island Family Photographer | Summer Lyn Photography





Well…  I know you have all been dying to know what a mini session is all about.



Thirty minutes.




Thirty minutes.  That is all the time these took.


And mom and dad get to pick their favorite fifteen.


Think it’ll be hard for them???




DSC_9993 copy

DSC_9991 copy

DSC_9987 copy

DSC_9964 copy

DSC_9960 copy

DSC_9955 copy

DSC_9953 copy

DSC_9950 copy

DSC_9946 copy

DSC_9936 copy

DSC_9927 copy

DSC_9918 copy

DSC_9915 copy

DSC_9907 copy

DSC_9882 copy

DSC_9877 copy

DSC_9865 copy

DSC_9860 copy

DSC_9857 copy

DSC_9850 copy

DSC_9845 copy

DSC_9844 copy

DSC_9841 copy

DSC_9839 copy

DSC_9834 copy

DSC_9828 copy

DSC_9825 copy

DSC_9821 copy

DSC_9815 copy

DSC_9809 copy

DSC_9806 copy

DSC_9804 copy

DSC_6923 copy

DSC_6919 copy

DSC_6913 copy

DSC_6912 copy

DSC_6902 copy

DSC_6898 copy

DSC_6894 copy

DSC_6881 copy

DSC_6878 copy

DSC_6872 copy

DSC_6868 copy

DSC_6867 copy

DSC_6863 copy

DSC_6855 copy

DSC_6846 copy

DSC_6836 copy

DSC_6833 copy

DSC_6829 copy

DSC_6822 copy

DSC_6821 copy

DSC_6815 copy

DSC_6812 copy

DSC_6810 copy

DSC_0004 copy


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