Because life passes us by way too quickly. Because a lot of the time you are just wishing for our children to grow up. You get excited about milestones and you get excited to see them walk for the first time, to see them play with another child for the first time. You get excited for them to learn how to write and how to tell time. You get excited for dance recitals and swimming meets, for school dances and their first prom. For their first boyfriend and their graduation. And there is nothing wrong with getting excited, but before you know it you blink and these times that you wished for have come and gone and your babies are all grown up.

It’s so important to capture these years. Take photos as often as you can. Capture them every single day with your camera. But then call me. Get out from behind that camera and call ME so I can capture you and your family in the only way I know how. With emotion. Raw emotion. It was after this session I realized how emotional I am about capturing families. I am obsessed with the love and joy that families have. Daddy’s and their daughters, mommy’s and their daughters…. The bond a family has mesmerizes me. It really does. Watching their connections make me warm inside. It’s as though my heart is smiling.

It’s an amazing feeling.

I decided after this session that I have to capture more families. I have to do this for people. I have to give images to parents that make them cry. Images where a pit forms in their stomach and they are immediately drawn to and emotionally connected to the art I created. Images that stop them from breathing. Images where they think, “I have never seen us from the outside but this is so US, in every way shape and form.”

I feel to strongly about this. Like it’s my calling or something. Sounds corny but I don’t care. I feel as though God gave me a gift. He gave me this gift of being super emotional, this gift of being good with a camera, this gift of being just so invested in families and love that this is what I was born to do.

Maxine, thank you for not only being a friend to me but for trusting me to capture your family. You have had one of the most trying years of your life, and I can only hope that ten, fifteen, twenty years down the line you look at these photos and smile and your eyes well-up with tears, knowing that these moments were captured when your family was at it’s strongest.
























































PhotoPlus Expo 2011, New York City. The show finally wrapped up and I actually made it through all three days of presenting for Nikon. By make it through I mean I am not Miss Public Speaker, but by the second day I was rocking it and couldn’t keep my mouth SHUT!!!

For those that don’t know, Nikon called a few weeks ago and asked me to present at the show for them. I was asked to get some great images with their new hot camera, the Nikon 1, and I did just that. I got to show a bunch of my work and a bunch of work with the 1. It was nice to see Nikon enthusiasts sitting in front of me and amazing to see how excited they got about this new camera.

Check out the Nikon 1 here!

I’ve never been so honored and humbled as to be approached by Nikon and asked to do this. I am and have always been a huge fan of Nikon and obviously every piece of equipment I have ever owned I have just loved. Whenever anyone just starting out asks me what kind of camera to buy I am always saying “Nikon, you kidding me?” I started out with the D80 back in 2008 and I remember booking months in advance with that camera bc it was such a good starting out camera…

It was also an honor to be surrounded and be presenting on the same stage as such photographers as Mike Corrado, Rob van Petten, Lucas Gilman, and Sandro Miller to name a few. These guys do some INSANE INSANE INSANE work and to watch them present their stuff iand then I follow them is like, “hello, where the heck am I??!!!”

So again, Nikon, thanks a million for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to everyone over in Melville- I am sure the weeks leading up to such huge shows are just insanity but it seemed to have run QUITE smoothly!

The booth!

  • Jennifer - Congrats Summer! Good for you!

  • Gladys Hedaya - Hi Summer!!! I’m looking forward to our photo-shoot with my family at end of February!!!
    Congrats on representing Nikon…
    I was at the photoshow!!! I wish I stopped by the Nikon booth to say hello!!!

Well, well, well……

Almost the last day of September and I have been missing for months!!!

I DO update facebook on a regular basis, but my poor blog has been neglected. And forget the blog, do you have ANY idea of the amazing newborns and sessions that I photographed allllllll summmeerrrrrr looooonnnggg???!?!?!?!?

You don’t?! But you will. I promise to keep updating and updating and updating and showing off these sessions from the second half of the summer and now into the fall. Been a whirlwind of a year for me.

Meet Ioanna (Greek spelling, pronounced Joanna). What a SWEET amazing baby girl. She was four weeks early and was two weeks old here for her shoot. I took the photography reigns by the horn (or at least my Nikon shoulder strap) and hit this session hard. I do not think the smile left my face at all I was that excited to be so newly rejuvenated.

Couldn’t have happened to sweeter clients either. Maria and Simon were so eager for their shoot, which is always very excited for ME to witness…

Anyway, enjoy the blog, enjoy the color of this session, and I will be back as soon as possible with more shoots!!!!


Missed everyone and hope you all welcome me back with open arms! 😉



Love me a Yankee girl!

These next two toe shots are my FAVES!















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  • Toni - Stunning as always! Welcome back!

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  • Lacey - Whoops .. “I have missed ….” 🙂

  • Tina - Perfect and gorgeous Summer! These bring me to tears. So, so sweet!

  • Jill - Gorgeous. Love the 6th from the bottom with the ‘fuzzy’ headband. She looks like some sort of goddess!!

  • Jackie - these are adorable

  • Tonya - Sooo beautiful! These shots are perfect! You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing. ~Tonya~

A number.


Hits for him. Facebook fans for me.

So what should I do to celebrate???

How about a giveaway????!!!???!!! How about a TEAM giveaway to top it???

I have a few etsy sellers that I love and plan on doing a couple giveaways over the next few months. But let me share with you my original go-to girl. She has been with me for the looooooooooooongest time, and her headbands rock the house. Visit her etsy shop here. She is offering a $40 credit towards anything in her store!

And what are you getting from me??? A one-time offering…. A FREE ONE HOUR SKYPE MENTORING SESSION!!! Want a full-out critique on your recent work to you can take your work to the next level? Sure. Want the newborn tips and hints and posing and lighting techniques? Sure. Or maybe you are solid in everything but you want some post-processing help… That too. Whatever YOUR need is, we will do it for you.

This one-time giveaway ends Thursday night at 11:59pm, so get to it!

Wait, what do you do??


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ALL THREE OF THE ABOVE must be completed to win. Winner will be selected at random on Friday!

Some of my favorite Chic Pretties headbands!




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I have been meaning to blog Julia for a WHILE now. Like, almost two months!!! I have been a terrible blogger. But hey, that is why I have facebook which is usually updated daily!

But sweet Julia. A stunning one year old. I met her a year ago at her newborn session session, with her chubby, chubby cheeks and her head full of dark hair. Boy, has she grown into such a GIRL. SOOOO pretty!!!! Her hair turned a shade of chocolate brown and those once chubby cheeks are gone… 🙁

Jenn and Jennie, sooooo happy to be photographing your lives together and to watch you raise such a sweet little girl. Cannot wait to see you again!!!

She is one and she knows it!



*Photographer Favorite* 😀



Can you even stand that face???!!!!

Yeah that’s right. She was blowing me a kiss. We really hit it off…



This was towards the end of her shoot and her hair was a complete DISASTER but I was LOVING this photo and REFUSED to toss it! Something tells me this is how her moms see her every day!