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so here we are, everyone!  last year was the first year i ran black friday promotions, and my gosh, it was the most amazing thing i ever did.  the deals were such a hit and they were so great for me, personally, because i got to meet a lot of new families and see a lot of my past clients too!  so this year i am going to jump off and do the same thing, just more of it!  some of the same specials, some different specials, and this year a LOT of things for photographers!  that being said, here we go!  non-refundable deposits for black friday deals must be received on or before december 1st. please contact me via email ( subject line BLACK FRIDAY 2017) or text (516.241.1191) to secure.

black friday promo I


yes, this is one i ran last year as well, but it was the number one booked promo so i decided to do it again.

simple and easy, you are getting two shoots with me for the price of one!

all-inclusive full sessions, all high resolution files in color and black and white

normal price for two shoots: $4300

black friday promo: $2150

(each session will be $1075)

a lot of you did an amazing beach shoot and then came back for a fall foliage shoot, some of you took advantage and did a maternity shoot and then a newborn shoot, and a couple of you even decided to use this and split it with a friend so you each got a shoot with me for half off.  i am simple and easy when it comes to this, you may certainly use this as you wish, just let me know!

black friday promo II


this is new!  book this black friday promotion and get half off of ANY collection with me! yes, even collection four!

(you can view my pricing list in full by clicking the pricing tab above)

i have never ever ever ran 50% off so YES, jump all over this!!!

this makes my collections $700, $900, $1000 and $1250

black friday promo III (biggest value!!)

newborn sessions that are booked with this promo must be due on or before april 30th, 2017

ALL INCLUSIVE session (sitting fee plus all images in color and black and white, a $2150 value!)

(up to) 75 custom made birth announcements ($180 value)

11 x 8 custom designed soft cover book ($425 value)

normally: $2755

black friday promo: $1400


any class i teach i like to do it one on one or a one on two setting. this allows for me to really teach you.  i have found a lot of times in my bigger group settings that sometimes my mentorees are shy and embarrassed to ask questions in front of other photographers.  so this past year i have been doing a lot more of the one on one or one on two (meaning you come with a friend) so that you have the opportunity to learn more.  if you are local, my classes can be done in person, and if you are out of state or (often) abroad, FaceTime and or Skype sessions are available.

art of composition class

this is a two and a half hour class strictly devoted to training your eye to compose your images stronger and more effectively.  its my most popular class because it answers your questions as to “how can i get someone to stop and just stare at my photos instead of scrolling past them bc there is nothing to them and they are boring”.  in an over-saturated market and the age of “the scroll”, what is going to make a potential client stop at YOUR photo?  what is going to make them stare in awe at a photo you took, making them want to hire YOU among a million others to choose from.  THIS is that class you need for that.  its also wildly popular bc even if you are not a professional and not even remotely interested in shooting professionally and you just want to shoot on auto and have nice photos, this is what it teaches you.  you will go from taking snapshots of your kids to taking professional looking images. an all around amazing class for beginners to professionals.

normal price: $300

black friday promo: $225

bring a friend 2fer: $400


typically one on one, my mentoring classes will teach you everything you need and want to know about everything you need or want to know.  this are incredibly custom classes for every level.  beginner and want to learn to shoot on manual?  know manual but want to learn better lighting?  have a handle on both your camera and lighting but want to be better with kids? have a handle on all that but want to grow your business? or need to get better and master editing and photoshop? every little bit and piece to whatever you need to know is taught with me.  i get to know where you are at and gage your level and then we go from there. classes are an hour and fifteen minutes.

one class

normal price: $250

black friday: $200

three classes

normal: $600

black friday: $500

five classes

normal: $1000

black friday: $900

(inquire if you are interested in anything more than my five class workshops.  and yes, often i have people that want to combine a three class workshop into one day, and that is fine with me.  it basically becomes a four hour class.  same with the five classes.  if you want to condense that down to a day with me, you can, and its a six and a half hour day)

and last but not least


this is an insane all day one on one class with me, where i teach you EVERY SINGLE THING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT SHOOTING NEWBORNS.  i bring in three to four models, and we shoot all day.  i teach you posing, lighting, bean bag posing, prop posing, hanging stork posing, camera settings, angles, photoshop.  yes, EVERYTHING.  this is a 9am-7pm class.

normal price: $2200

black friday promo: $1500

know a friend that want to shoot newborn better? or if you aren’t opposed to coming in and sharing time with another photographer and myself i do offer this workshop as two on one as well. should you have a friend that wants to or you don’t mind learning along side another student, i do offer this class at $1300.

thank you all ahead of time for always being here, for following me, for wanting me to shoot you and allowing me to teach you.  these last nearly ten years of this business have been completely amazing.  i have been beyond blessed and i want to thank you all for always being here and supporting me.  my black friday promotions are really my way of saying THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH.   so again, pick what you want above, and you can either use paypal below (if you do, please also email me and or text me and make sure in the message of paypal you put your name, email, and what you are sending the deposit for) or email or text me if you want to send payment another way (check or Chase QuickPay).

and again, thank you!!!! cannot WAIT to see what is in store for 2017!!



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