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i have been meaning to share this session for forever, and since apparently i’m on a blogging roll, i will finally do it.




i used to shoot maternity sessions all the time when i first started out.  but a couple years into the business i didn’t really LOVE to do them, so i stopped.  they were REALLY posed, which is REALLY not me, so why do something i didn’t love to do, something that wasn’t me??  then, this past summer, i of course had and WANTED to shoot one of my best friends maternity pics… thankfully,  she totally agreed to let me shoot in the only way i knew how.  my vision of how maternity pics should be, which was really just all about her and her life, with a belly.


my approach to maternity is to make it all about you and your normal, everyday life.  i feel like keeping maternity in your home makes it more intimate, makes it more of a memory.  images taken in your first home, in the babies room, in your bedroom…  bc in 30 years you can look back and maybe laugh at the outdated decor, and maybe cry bc you totally remember laying in your bed and feeling your baby kick, and since then you have moved…. things like that.  we want photos of our bodies pregnant for ourselves, for our husbands, for our children so they can see what mommy looked like pregnant.  and i do that, just…




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