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figured i should really start blogging again…and i know, i say that every time i put up a blog session and then i disappear for another three or four months!

seriously, i am definitely going to get back into this blogging thing. a lot because you need to see full (or nearly full) sessions. you should all see more than one or two great ones i post on facebook. maybe you all sit and wonder, “well, that was an amazing shot, but what did the rest of the shoot look like??”

i’ll answer.

just as amazing.

i strive to not only get a couple amazing ones but i strive for your ENTIRE gallery to be mind blowing. i want you to view your gallery and almost stop breathing as you watch the images scroll. i want you to email me and say, “i love every single one, i don’t know how i am going to choose”. that, to me, is the sign of a successful session. if i have a client that doesn’t love them, i beat myself up. wondering what the heck happened and where did i go wrong as a photographer! lol

so, meet juliana. we celebrated her one week birthday in the studio last week. it was an amazing session. (and i have had SO MANY amazing sessions that i haven’t blogged so i would actually like to get back into blogging and turn back the clock on sessions from this entire past year and heck, even last year!!!)

DSC_8919 copy

DSC_8923 copy 2

DSC_8915 copy

DSC_8908 copy

DSC_8908 copy

DSC_8898 copy

DSC_8891 copy

DSC_8887 copy

DSC_8886 copy

DSC_8883 copy

DSC_8882 copy

DSC_8879 copy

DSC_8876 copy

DSC_8876 copy

DSC_8875 copy

DSC_8865 copy

DSC_8863 copy

DSC_8861 copy

DSC_8858 copy

DSC_8857 copy

DSC_8854 copy

DSC_8850 copy

DSC_8840 copy

DSC_8835 copy

DSC_8833 copy

DSC_8832 copy

DSC_8831 copy

DSC_8828 copy

DSC_8827 copy

DSC_8826 copy

DSC_8823 copy

DSC_8821 copy

DSC_8820 copy

DSC_8818 copy

DSC_8817 copy

DSC_8816 copy

DSC_8813 copy

DSC_5703 copy

DSC_5702 copy

DSC_5696 copy

DSC_5695 copy

DSC_5693 copy

DSC_5692 copy



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