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who am i?

jeez.  you know how hard it is to write about yourself? to talk about your best qualities, when ya know damn well ya have some equally unpleasing qualities?

*insert the blush faced embarrassed emoji*

i have wrinkles and laugh lines.  my hair is never done.  sometimes i eat healthy and sometimes i don’t, sometimes i make it to the gym and sometimes i don’t.  i am always barefoot, and i never get pedicures.  i wanted to be doctor, i ended up being a cop, and now i am a photographer.  i am corny as all heck, i make fun of myself all the time, and i make a lot of jokes that usually only i am laughing at.

but i’ll tell ya the most honest thing about me.  what really makes me ME, and makes me who i am as a [your] photographer.

i. am. real.  i have no filter and i really don’t sugar coat anything.  life is amazing and it can suck, and sometimes it can do so within minutes.  in the tiniest ways possible life just comes at ya. and it happens so sneakily, doesn’t it? your entire day can come crashing down bc just when ya thought you had it together (the car is packed up and ready to drop the kids off to school- ya woke up early before the alarm, you managed to make their lunches (everything healthy this morning!), wash your face, get yourself coffee, breastfeed the baby)….everything and everyone ready on time.  the school aged girls aren’t fighting, and the baby is actually out of your arms on the floor playing with some toys, and you are getting your coat and boots on.  this is a morning you are on top of the world, right?! and then in happens.  you look over and your dog is chewing your brand new sunglasses and you lose your freaking mind (or, the baby poops as you are about to leave and it’s an up-the-back-through-the-onesie kind of poop, or the cat just got out bc your other dog pushed open the door and the cat followed and now you are running around the backyard trying to get him…barefoot, while it’s raining usually). and just then, in these moments, ya want a morning re-start.  this is life, right? the life of me as a mom, but the life of ALL of us as moms. sometimes i feel i have it all together, and sometimes i really feel like i don’t. but just as those little moments can bring ya down, it’s those other little moments that are rewarding.  like, hitting every green light on the way to school, or pushing the elevator button and the door slides open right away (i mean, seriously, isn’t that the best feeling?!), or having exact change for your coffee at dunkin…snow days, finding the remote after looking for like, a week….or, tripping up the stairs at the gym and no one saw you, or nailing a parallel parking job on the first shot (i can’t reverse for crap, so this is a huge deal for me, esp since i drive a suburban haha!)… ahhhh, life is sweet, right?  the ups and downs of our “#firstworldproblems” they say.

so yeah, i am real. tell it like it really is.  and you can imagine how this could hurt and help me in my life.

as a photographer, it helps.  bc life is real.  images are real.  moments are real. life isn’t about the posed, sitting up straight, everyone smiling.  that’s not real and that hardly ever happens.  life is about everyone gathering for a photo, you are laughing hysterically bc it’s supposed to be picture time, and your five year old is pouting, your two year old is saying they have to make a pee-pee, and the baby is crawling out of your arms… all while your husband is giving you the “i-really-don’t-want-to-be-here-why-did-you-make-me-do-this-look”. and then there is me, directing and making it all work, and you see your gallery of proofs and you are thinking, “how the HELL did she get these shots?!! it was the craziest day!”

that’s what i do.  because i am a mom, bc i am a realist, and i am a go with the flow don’t force anything type of person.  the more you force, the less real an image becomes.

i will get photos of your family being real.  being authentic.  being YOU.

because this is life, ya only get one shot, and why be anyone else?

Summer is a featured photographer by Nikon. Read her tips on photographing newborns, toddlers and children.
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